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  • September 16, 2020

A highly effective Project Management Professional, who meets challenges skillfully and creates positive change.  Transformation, Risk & Change Management through systems enhancement in projects & engineering. Global expertise in people development.

Project Management Risk Management HSE Management Contractor Development JV Projects Interface Management Stakeholder Relations Employee Training / Development Performance Management International Projects New Technology Introduction Multi-Site Operations Process Safety Management

Operational Transformation

Change Management Contract Management

Facilities Development / Management

Continuous Improvement Board Presentations

Integrity / Quality Management

Site abandonment & restoration

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Diploma - Project Management @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sep 2020 — Oct 2020

1 year program through a JV between BP and MIT for senior project personnel at BP.

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering @ N.E.D. University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan
Aug 2020 — Sep 2020
Post Graduate Diploma, Business Administration @ Institute of Business Administration, Karachi. Pakistan
Aug 2020 — Sep 2020

Post Graduate Diploma with equivalency to BBA


Senior Project Manager. - Houston, TX @ McDermott International
Jun 2019 — Jan 2020

Member of the Proposal Team, responsible for Risk Identification / Mitigation and Interface Management for a Joint Venture LHG project in Qatar.
• Worked directly with JV Steering Committee and Operations Leadership and convinced them to use a systematic risk management / risk mitigation approach for their $20B LNG project, rather than merely adding 3 to 5 percent of the total project cost to allow for risk. Based on that approach, we were able to closeout 60% of the identified risks by using alternative engineering and project management solutions, and reduce the uncertainties in the project.
• Used Middle East experience to identify in-country permitting requirements to close out related risks and enhance project plan.

Engineering Authority, Trinidad @ BP
Jan 2014 — Dec 2018

Seconded by BP to Atlantic LNG, and provided engineering, technical oversight and risk management for an LNG plant in Trinidad. Led a team of 10 SMEs from various engineering disciplines and ensured all projects and engineering was performed in accordance with Atlantic LNG and industry standards. Annual projects value equaled up to $200M.
• Modified Atlantic’s risk management system to move from CRR to ALARP. This required Board & Shareholders’ approval, systems development, training and implementation at scale.
• Worked with Board, CEO/COO and JV partners to provide assurance & progression on Projects, Engineering, Risk and Operational Integrity issues. Developed a simplified stage gate process for projects, and rationalization of management & engineering standards to organizational needs. Developed shareholders trust and reliance resulting in expedited approvals and timely delivery of projects.

Engineering Services Manager, Oman, Middle East Region @ BP
Jan 2009 — Dec 2014

Led an Engineering Services Office for operations in Pakistan, Oman, Jordan, and, Sharjah, UAE. Led construction and development projects and process / discipline engineering and integrity management for 15 oil and gas production and secondary recovery (gas compression & oil recovery) facilities. Led teams of 15 - 50 engineers and technical personnel, project value ranged up $50M.
• Top Quartile Project Delivery: At BP Oman, delivered Early Test Facility Decommissioning Project exceeding all KPIs: 15% saving on time, 20% saving on cost, No HSE incidents including over 3600 equipment and piping lifts (up to 200 tons).
• Developed and implemented a standard process for small (less than $50M) projects from conceptualization to implementation resulting in lower costs, faster implementation and quality enhancement. The approach was adopted as a corporate standard for small projects by BP globally.

Mechanical Engineering Manager, Houston, Texas @ BP
Jan 2006 — Dec 2009

Led an international team of 35 PhD and Master’s-level SMEs co-located in Houston and London. Provided technical support to BP’s global operations and projects, and led the effort to develop and implement new technologies for Oil and Gas Upstream operations.
• Led a team of SMEs in US and UK and managed technical issues for BP globally to minimize downtime and safety / quality / integrity issues, e.g. quick resolution of dry gas seal issue on propane compressor in Indonesia enabling on-time startup.
• Developed and deployed a system of permanent sensors to monitor corrosion and integrity of the subsea systems, which eliminated the need to send divers into the water to perform those functions, avoiding risk and cost.
• As certified PHSSER leader, led technical, HSE and performance reviews of various projects across the globe, including upstream, downstream and renewable energy projects, with a focus on delivering successful projects and enhancing operating performance.

Projects & Technical Services Manager, Pakistan @ BP
Jan 2004 — Dec 2006

Led all construction and development projects and process / discipline engineering and integrity management for 10 oil and gas production and secondary recovery (gas compression & oil recovery) facilities. Provided centralized engineering (Project Engineering, Integrity Management, Process / Discipline Engineering). Led a team of 40 engineers, technical professionals and construction staff
• Completed a multi-plant tie-in project in Sharjah, UAE, while maintaining my normal job duties in Pakistan. This required extensive travel and 7-day work weeks. The project was delivered in time, under budget and without any HSE incidents.
• Enhanced Safety Performance: As Contractor Safety Lead at BP Pakistan, implemented contractor safety management program to develop capability. This resulted in going from one Loss Time Injury every quarter to zero in over 3 years of operation. This was an add-on to Projects & Technical Services Manager role.
• First regional implementation of spool-able cross-country pipeline system in the Middle East region, reducing installation time, cost and HSE issues, while enhancing reliability, integrity and maintainability of the system.

Projects / Construction Manager, Pakistan @ BP
Jan 1995 — Dec 2004

Led development projects for 8-10 oil and gas production and secondary recovery projects through a team of 5 engineers and construction activities through a team of 40 engineers and technical staff
• Eliminated rig standby time, due to unavailability of drill pads. Implemented a streamlined contract award system, and improved construction processes and worked with Project Managers to ensure adequate notice of pending projects. Reduced standby time to zero within six months.
• Developed a system to begin well production within 36 hours of rig departure from the well pads. Created a temporary production facility to begin production and then worked to establish a permanent facility which was tied in subsequently.

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